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Ceramic on canvas

Bead assemblage for a museum, 2018

Gilt beads on oil painting and brooches, 2018

Gilt, sawdust fired earthenware

Bead Assemblage SOLD

Parian, cobalt oxide

Dipped porcelain ornaments, 2018

Porcelain chain with found objects

Installation with rusty spanners and porcelain chain, 2018

Leather, copper, parian, oxide

Sculptural object with parian, leather and copper mesh, 2018

Ceramic, leather, copper, plastic

Sculptural object with filled copper mesh, 2018

Wool, cotton, copper, ceramic

Sculptural object with handmade rope, 2018

Porcelain, cord, thread

Sculptural object hanging discs of porcelain, 2018

Porcelain, cobalt oxide, cord

Sculptural object with cobalt dipped porcelain, 2018

Leather, parian, copper

Sculptural object with parian bow, 2018

Leather, porcelain, oxide, copper

Sculptural object with reclining porcelain form, 2018

Porcelain, silver, leather, cord

Experimental objects, 2018


On display at According to McGee Gallery, York, 2019

Porcelain, leather

Sculptural object with three porcelain forms, 2018

Porcelain, copper, oxides

Porcelain ornaments, 2018

Sawdust fired earthenware beads

Bead village, 2018

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