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A working manifesto for life

Let go your grievances. Let go your lust for proof. Over and over ask yourself “What am I doing here?” Trust

that you know without over thinking, what is okay. Get comfortable with your discomfort but be wise around pain.

Know that good and bad are constructs and utilise them cautiously. Be kind to those who hurt and kinder still to your own wounds. Listen to what your body is telling you; treat it as the home of ultimate truth. Be prepared to face disturbing situations with curiosity and presence. Hold past action up to the light - examine it with scrutiny and humility.

The unknown is unsettling but it’s also the seat of hope. Approach the darkness willingly, armed with a torch and an eagerness to see. Look through the trance. Look harder, look again. Make friends with your past. See and hear it’s unheard experience. Accept the story but revise the script. The first draft is exactly that.

Only you, only now, only here. But pay attention to the context. Live in a climate of love: you, me and everyone we know. Dialogue is the glue of togetherness. Speak when words are hard to find. Love with courage. Embrace your fears. Treat them as a barometer for risk and a riddle that when solved, brings the security you have always sought.

When you fall down a hole, study its properties. How else can you hope to recover your footing? Recognise the strength you demonstrate in attempting to emerge from a crisis. Allow that instinct of survival to reassure you. In these moments of strain, you are in touch with your most authentic self. Take a look. You are rather impressive.

Notice how potent you are. Shelter that power with every painful lesson you've learnt. Be humble in your journey to greatness. You will always be stronger in 'good' company.

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