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Cayton bay, 2019


the many pieces of

body and mind

thought and action.

First shattered, then

collected up and reassembled.

Fractured again,

put back together with glue

and bloody minded persistence.

Hope, optimism and longing

agents of determination

acting against annihilation

care-taking as best they can.

Each new devastation

recalling the origin.

A weakness in the whole

sustained in the earliest of wounds.

Left asking

“What am I now but an amalgamation of parts?”

broken and mended and broken again.

Each new repair altering the form

Chips that are missing,

and bits out of place

yet still that persistence lives on.

I change with every incarnation

movements limited, flexibility reduced

only the mind left to wander as it does.

Except, that’s not quite true.

Every colour of emotion

black, technicolour and blue

rides these veins like wild horses

and once again,

I find myself whole.

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